2011 Southern Festival of Books

Thirsty Tree in Nashville's Centennial Park. Copyleft Avery Oslo, 2011

This year’s Southern Festival of Books in Nashville, TN promises to be the most action-packed one yet. In previous years, I divvied up my time attending FREE writing/publishing/media workshops, supporting the small Southern independent presses by snatching up riveting titles for myself, friends and family, and chatting with agents and their fledgling writers. It is one of the most egalitarian settings for this type of networking, and you’ll never know who you’ll bump into.

This year in addition to doing all of the above, I’ll also be manning one of the booths in order to help sell advance copies of Soundtrack Not Included, the 2012 Nashville Writer Meetup anthology. My story, “Komenda’s Children”, is somewhere within the volume, and I’m excited to help do my part. Come by and make some small talk, buy some presents, and enjoy the ambiance!


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