New on Zolder Writers: Gone, But Not Forgotten: Vintage Books For Hipsters and The Rest Of Us

Read Bride of Pendorich, a Victoria Holt Classic Gothic ThrillerThe good authors over at Zolder Writers, my former Critique Group in Amsterdam have allowed me to rant and rave about books near and dear to my heart: those old cheap vintage paperback Gothic romance/mystery/thriller/horror books from the mid-to-late 20th century you can get for under a dollar at most used book stores.

These books with their perfect endings, poetic justice, and supernatural insanity tell us so much about gender, colonialism, and how people my grandparents’ age viewed the world and their place within it.

Read the post here, for book recommendations and the wannabe-punchy hyperbole with which I deliver them, and some musings and links on antagonists/villains and how to write the perfect ending.


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