Welcome to my page! I’m really glad you’ve stopped by. You see? I even used really to modify glad because I was too glad to think of a better adjective.

When I’m not doing my other job, I’m a fiction writer and this is where I keep myself organized.

My blog gets updated rarely and sporadically — only when I need to say something that doesn’t work in fiction.  Unless otherwise indicated, all photos are my own and you are free to share them and use them how you wish as long as you credit me. If you do use them, I suggest you go whole-hog (Can you tell I’ve spent some time in the South of the US?) and make a fancy dress or something out of them.

I post these photos, along with every accepted story, poem, photograph and flash (under the “Writing” tab)  because these things will tell you more about who I am than anything else I could write or say.  Some of these stories could be considered Young Adult (or YA), but there’s something for everyone. Not all of them are safe for work.

I was raised by nomads (proper nomads. The kind that pick up and move every year at least once) and that makes me a native of nowhere (but also of everywhere!). I am most comfortable in mobile groups of other travelers and transplants.  Everything I write addresses some aspect of being transient, at a crossroads, or otherwise  in a state of flux. My characters often deal in the currencies of  movement and future dreams. If you can relate to that, you might like what I write.

And if you like what I write, then please do contact me. Even if it is just to drop a note like “I’m alive. I read your story.  I didn’t care for the rebel mermaid, but I’m still glad we are both alive at the same time.”  These are the things that keep our world small and our interactions meaningful. Corporations can’t touch these interactions and so they will always be ours.

Although I’m still in my 20s, I try not to forget that I am dying and that you are dying too.  Let’s live a little first.

x Avery Oslo


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