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The Haiga of Terry Ingram

I’ve been excited about these haiga for a long time.

Terry Ingram‘s haikus (available here for anyone who wants, no – needs, more) are these tiny flashes of lightning in a nighttime thunderstorm. After the electricity has gone out, for one brief second they illuminate something in a way you have never seen or considered it,  before life returns to darkness.

Ingram has put image to word in the form of haiga to make that little flash of illumination that much brighter. And for the very first time, I am showcasing his work here on my blog!

Perhaps selfishly, I picked out the haiga which spoke to me the most- those which play on the endless nights that settle across an urban landscape in late fall, leaving rooftop smoker’s faces a little too white in the light of the moon.

I know you’ll enjoy these as much as I do.

This post is part of Intermittent Visitors, a multi-author blog tour.


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The Haiku and Haiga of Terry Ingram

A little cuckoo across a hydrangea (Haiga) by Yosa Buson, from Wikimedia Commons

I love poetry, but I find it difficult to write. Unlike prose, it doesn’t come naturally to me.

I’ve always thought of Poetry personified as one of the cool kids smoking in the back of the bus. Poetry sits next to the long-legged Performance Art, Painting (whose parents don’t care how late she stays out), Experimental Music (who lives with two uber-cool moms in a riverfront loft), and the sultry and precocious Ceramics.

Poetry (along with these other arts)  is something I appreciate, and admire all the more because I have such a hard time with it myself.  I think of the surprising ways in which poets have made me feel, and I yearn for the chance to make others feel that way, too.

Therefore I’m very excited to have the chance to get to know New York poet Terry Ingram a little better. His most recently published haiku chapbook, Hiss of Leaves, explores the subdued beauty innate in even the most surprising and mundane in life. Ingram offered to share with us some BRAND NEW material in the form of his haiga – the Japanese style of visual art which often accompanies haiku. I can’t wait to see it, and share it with you.

Watch this space!

This post is part of Intermittent Visitors, a multi-author blog tour.

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